On The Loose – Snowkite Race – Season 2 Episode 7

We got invited to the Red Bull Ragnarok which is the worlds toughest snowkite endurance race. As you probably know, Azza and I like a challenge.

But this was a whole new vibe we had to adopt. Snowkiting was totally new to us and wearing so much gear it’s way harder to move than when you’re just wearing boardies. The gloves made it hard to hold the bar while you’re unhooking but it made me focus on jumping big more…So all was good!!

Susi was joining us as well which was great fun. She nailed a gnarly wipe-out when she tried to jump of one of the cliffs. She’s got some balls too, it was all icy and rocky but she still went for it.
Anyways, at the day of the race there were more than 100 contestants that showed up to the start. The Ragnarok area is known for it’s unpredictable and often changeable weather conditions. And it was no different this day…It was a nice calm morning, but as soon as the start signal went, the snowstorm hit us properly.

Trust me it was a total mess, I was being used by my kite to get dragged along for a while…Which got pretty scary at some parts of the route I took…Big icy walls and drops made it too hard for me to continue and my ankle was soar as F, so I just quit.

Azza wasn’t too stoked on the conditions either and gave up quite soon after me too…
The goal was to do a lap around five buoys that form a round of around 20km. And you had to do that five times…So in the end you’ll be exhausted anyway!!
Susi made one lap on her four meter which was sick.

All in all, Norway is great fun and I’m definitely going for another snowkite experience sometime next year. Maybe jump of a 1km high cliff, I’m in, and you know it.

Cheerz, Ruben.


All episodes were broadcasted by Red Bull TV

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