On The Loose – Snowkiting in Norway – Season 2 Episode 6

Our trip to Norway was an absolute blast, Aaron, Susi and myself were not that familiar with snow yet…But after doing some nice faceplants and crashes we got the hang of it…It was good to learn some new stuff and definitely a highlight of the trip was jumping down some mountains.

Going uphill with your kite is sooo much fun, and then you’re on top to get some speed and just jump all the way down. Such a sweet feeling when you move the kite around aggressively. You create some kind of little freefall and get closer to the rocks…Risk is always fun to keep focused!! 😀

Anyways, check out the episode and the photos below to get a nice impression of our trip to Norway!

In the next episode you’ll see how we all did in the endurance snowkite race.

Peace out and catcha soon.


All episodes were broadcasted by Red Bull TV

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