On The Loose – Moroccan Adventures – Season 2 Episode 8

Photoshoots are part of my job!! It’s not bad at all, the whole team gathers together…

The marketing manager brings all the products along.

Then the photographer takes a shot at portraying the image the brand wants to get.

Doesn’t sound so harsh, does it…

But traveling with a group already brings hassle and delays, and mother Nature can be a bitch and hold out on the conditions we need.

Also clearing customs in Morocco as a professional photographer didn’t seem a possibility. Therefore all of Craig Kolesky’s camera gear got taken away from him.

Really weird, he wasn’t alowed to shoot and didn’t have gear.

The first few days in Morocco were basically big stresses for everyone. Finally the whole crew is together, which is quite hard as everyone is on a different and tight travel schedule.

After a day or two we bumped into a German tourist who was pretty well equipped with camera gear.

So Craig asked him nicely if he could borrow it for the week. After some negotiations we had the cam and were able to click some pics. Sweeeet! Craig was trying to make the best of it but I know how harsh it is when you just don’t have your own gear.

Anyways my ankle was not feeling too bad, as it was five months after the surgery. I had done a little damage when I went snowboarding/snowkiting three months afer the surgery. But I wanted to get the products on camera nicely. So I just went for it.

There was a cool crew together, Bruna Kajiya from Brazil, Sjoukje Bredenkamp from South Africa, Eli Zarka from Israel and then Boujma Guillol showed us around in his hometown/country.

Morocco was funny, pretty much back to basics. But I could see the potential of the all-time riding conditions they get there. Moulay has some decent waves and pretty much all along the coast of Essaouira there’s great spots.

Anyways, check out the episode and see what up.

Ride hard!

Pic credit: CraigKolesky.com / Mysticboarding.com

All episodes were broadcasted by Red Bull TV

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