On The Loose – Kiteboard Training in Brazil – Season 2 Episode 2

This time you’ll see Azza and me on a trip to Brazil. Aaron is rocking out some moves while I busted my ankle…
Luckily Riki and Gigi from Pro Kite Brasil had the perfect set-up to get some chill time in.

It was a big bummer for me as it was the start of my trip around the globe with Aaron. First Brazil, then New Caledonia onto Cape Town.
Harsh deals traveling around the globe with all your surf gear with ya and not be able to shred.

Oh well, I had enough time to get my mind on some other things!
In the end, everything happens for a reason.

I hope you enjoy this episode, check back regularly as we’ll have our latest pics and travel stories up.
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Peace out and spread the love.


All episodes were broadcasted on Red Bull TV

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