On The Loose Kiteboarding around the Globe – Season 2 Episode 1

Season Two of On The Loose has found it’s way to the web!

After the great success of last years web-based episodes from On The Loose, the project has now grown bigger.
I’m proud to say that we’ve actually made it to television with seven, 26 min episodes. It has started broadcasting on ServusTV in German speaking territories like Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

Now we’ve cut the 26 min episodes down into shorter webisodes so we can feed you guys new stuff every week.
It’s well exciting for me to see how this project has grown and got more and more professional.

On The Loose is here to show you a little behind the scene stuff of things we get up to and have to deal with as pro-kiteboarders.
It’s mainly my best buddy Aaron Hadlow and me rocking around the globe, but more and more you’ll see other riders like Susi Mai, Bruna Kajiya and others interact with OTL.

It is a tv-series, so it’s not an internet movie filled with action. It’s more than that to keep people outside the sport interested as well.
We’ve shot plenty of footage so for sure we’ll hit you guys up with highlights when the time is right. Until then, enjoy and spread the love…
Oh and make sure to check out Red Bull TV.


All episodes were broadcasted on Red Bull TV

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