On The Loose – Competing and Partying – Season 2 Episode 3

Our mission was to get to the PKRA World Tour event in New Caledonia, from Fortaleza, Brazil. After a good 40hrs travel we finally got there…

I wasn’t too stoked about the whole trip anymore as we had some film shoot lined up and I wasn’t able to ride. Harsh deals…

For Aaron, who was on a mission to secure his 6th World Champion title the trip was good fun. He had been to New Caledonia before and met up with some friends.

I cruised along and enjoyed the vibe of New Cal for sure. What a place…

Tom Hebert, one of our mates who lives there helped us to get a local touch of the island and took us surfing.

Aaron’s luck in the competition didn’t go so well, he had some trouble with his board not feeling too good. So no 6th title for Aaron, and time to take a break from the whole competition side of life.

Azza’s On The Loose with Ruble Duble, traveling the globe to live life and ride hard.

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All episodes were broadcasted in Red bull TV

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