On The Loose – Landing a Mega Loop – Season 2 Episode 4

Cape Town, South Africa must be one of the best places for me to spend some time… This was the 5th winter I spend three months down there, it’s got the right wind conditions, the right weather, good food, good wine, fine ladies and just a mellow atmosphere where you don’t have to worry too much about rules and laws.

Not that I love doing illegals, but it’s just so easy to drive to a sick spot a few hours away, but quick. J Makes life easier for sure…Azza’s got his sick Range Rover sport down there so that gets some good usage too. Compared to video games, it’s pretty sweet!! 😉 Haha…

This year was different for me though, I wasn’t able to ride. Instead, I had a surgery…I needed to get my left ankle fixed up. All the cartilage was just worn out by all the poundings over the years and it was bone on bone.

That’s a gnarly situation when you’re young and you want more…I took some time off and focused on staying fit and enjoyed other things like dj’ing a bit.

Anyways, Aaron was busting out some sick moves again…In straps and in boots, even on the cable he was throwing down like a pro.

It was suffering for me to watch all of that without getting any action myself. But at least Azza was having a great time and my motivation meter got cranked way up.

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All episodes were broadcasted by Red Bull TV

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