Red Bull Megaloop Challenge 2019

Yes Yes, all lights are on green! Red Bull Megaloop will take place on Saturday June 8th 2019 around 08:00! 16 kiteboarders will be challenged to show their biggest megaloops in the most extreme Dutch weather conditions, when the wind hits 30+ knots or more. Let’s get rrrrrready!

Red Bull Megaloop will be organized when the weather conditions are perfect. That means: when the authorities warn to stay indoors, the world’s best kiteboarders only have one goal: ride hard and fly high. So when Mother Nature will show her skills between April 1st and November 1st, we’ll ask the riders to show their skills as well. Check out the talented riders.

• Joshua Emanuel (RSA)             Winner Red Bull Megaloop 2017 
• Steven Akkersdijk (NL)             2nd place Red Bull Megaloop 2017
• Lasse Walker (NL)                      3rd place Red Bull Megaloop 2017
Ruben Lenten (NL)
• Kevin Langeree (NL)                 Winner King of the Air 2019
• Jesse Richman (USA)               2nd place King of the Air 2019
• Nick Jacobsen (DK)
• Ross-Dillon Player (RSA)
• Kevin de Smidt (NL)
• Gijs Wassenaar (NL)
• Jerrie van de Kop (NL)
• Louk Timmer (NL)
• Antoine Clerc (FRA)                  Selected rider video entry
• Ryan de Witte (NL)                    Selected rider video entry
• Janek Grzegorzewski (POL)     Selected rider video entry
• Ben van den Burg (NL)              Selected rider video entry

The holy ground of Megaloop

Strandafgang Barnaart 23a
2041 KB Zandvoort


Come join us and watch all the action live (no entrance fee). There is no better spot than beachclub ‘The Spot’ in Zandvoort in the Netherlands to fly high.


16 kiteboarders have been challenged to show their biggest megaloops on the 8th of June 2019 in the most extreme weather conditions with winds up to 40 knots.

Results Final:

1. Ross-Dillon Player – 7.90 – WINNER

2. Oswald Smith – 7.60

3. Lasse Walker – 7.47

4. Liam Whaley – 6.83

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