On The Loose – Competing in Cape Hatteras – Season 2 Episode 10

It was that time of the year, to head out to the triple-S invitational at Real Kiteboarding in Cape Hatteras, USA.

24 of the best riders get invited to show their skills in Surf, Slick and Sliders.
The contest is judged by the riders which creates a super nice vibe and motivation to ride hardest.

We all get sorted in nice big houses by the beach with of course, us staying in the dedicated party house. Oh well… 🙂
The location is awesome, they’ve got some killer spots and Real Kiteboarding throws a party every night during the comp.

There’s always some joy to find in that place, wether it’s wakeboarding, kiteboarding, surfing or skateboarding.

Check back next week to see how it continues… ☺

Ride hard. Ruben


All episodes were broadcasted by Red Bull TV

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