After-Hours Light Show with Bethany and Lakey

No travel, no problem. Longtime filmmaker Aaron Lieber will always find a creative outlet, regardless of the power source. And when you’ve got two multi-adaptive plugs like Bethany Hamilton and Lakey Peterson to work with, an electric surge is imminent.

“The first step to make this concept come to life was to figure out how to make LED boards,” Lieber explained. “I first started researching LED lighting strips and the companies that made them. Once I figured out the LED strips I wanted to use I bought a roll and tested them out. Once I saw that they would work they way I’d hope, I started drawing and cutting the strips of LED’s to create the board design. I took photos and would send them to Bethany to see what she thought and get her feedback. Then I contacted Channel Islands to see if they would help us create them and they said yes! So I drove up to Santa Barbara and spent a day working with the lead shaper Aaron who helped figure out how to take the concept and make it a reality. After shopping the board for Lakey and Bethany they meticulously routered out perfect lines for the LED strips to fit in along with the wiring for the top and bottom.

The whole process took about a month. While they were shopping the boards I started researching lights I could take in the water as well as lights for land that could illuminated the surf enough for Bethany and Lakey to be able to see. I found these amazing Gates lights for the underwater part and this other company K5600 for the land lights. Both companies graciously donated the lights to the production to help us with the concept! Flying everything down to the Maldives was kinda crazy, so many bags and bag fees but luckily everything made it.”

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