The best Dutch breakers will compete for the world podium on March 24 in Rotterdam

During the Red Bull BC One Cypher Holland, the best B-boys and B-girls compete in Rotterdam to become Dutch champions and thus qualify for the World Final.

  • Red Bull BC One Cypher Holland returns for the 12th edition: March 24 at TR25 Schouwburg location in Rotterdam.
  • Last chance for dancers to qualify for the World Final in Rio de Janeiro.
  • Tickets for the event can now be ordered via this link.

Every year since 2004, the Red Bull BC One World Series has brought together thousands of B-boys and B-girls around the world to determine who will be the world champion. The event is the largest one-on-one breakdance competition in the world.

The level in the Netherlands is high. In the past, the prestigious world championship has been won several times by Dutchmen, such as Menno van Gorp and India Sardjoeh. Attention to this art form and sport is increasing, also with the addition of ‘breaking’ to the 2024 Olympic Games. Red Bull organizes this competition together with partners Rotterdam Topsport, G-Shock and Reebok.

Dutch champions

The addition of breaking to the Olympic program is increasing its visibility and popularity as a sport. There will be opportunities for Dutch breakers during the Olympic Games in 2024. Our country is known worldwide for good B-boys, B-girls and leading crews such as The Ruggeds and the Hustle Kidz. For example, breaker Menno van Gorp (Hustle Kidz) has won the Red Bull BC One World Final three times, in 2014, 2017 and 2019. In 2022, sixteen-year-old India from The Hague also won the prestigious world championship in New York. She was the youngest ever winner of the competition and has already qualified for the Paris Games.

The Red Bull BC One Cypher Holland on March 24
Jury: Roxrite (USA), Spin (UK), Candy (USA)
DJ: Nobunaga
MC: Mario Bee, Swifty

B-girls (invite only):
1. India
2. Pauline
3. Anjami
4. Spooky
5. Zoe
6. Alicia
7. Vicky
8. Gwen

1. Kid Colombia
2. Cis
3. Stepper
4. Toby
5. Skychief
6. Tawfiq
7. Timbo
8. Redo
9. Ozzi
10. Meekal
11. Hook Up
12. Black J
13 -16. Wildcard Cypher Utrecht Open Qualifier

The winners of the Red Bull BC One Cypher Holland will advance to the next round of the Red Bull BC One Last Chance Cypher in December. Together with 28 other worldwide preliminary round winners, the battle will take place for the very last wild cards that give the right to participate in the Red Bull BC One World Final on December 7 in Rio de Janeiro, the highest stage of the Red Bull BC One competition.

Tickets for this event can be reserved via this link. The competition can also be followed LIVE online via YouTube, Facebook, TikTok en on march 24 at 20:00 uur.

Red Bull BC One Open Qualifier for B-boys februari 17.
This year the open qualifier is on February 17 in the Wild West in Utrecht. 4 B-boys still have a chance to participate in the Red Bull BC One Cypher Holland, the other twelve have already received a direct invitation. Do you want to participate? You will find all information here, you can register for participation until the day of the event via this link.